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Dr. Ramirez

Certified OB/GYN

Meet Dr.Ramirez

Dr. Henry Ramirez is a board-certified OB/GYN with advanced training in minimally invasive robotic surgery, complex urogynecologic surgeries, hormone therapy, and hormone replacement therapy. He is the founder of the Robotic Surgery Department at Mercy Hospital Ardmore, and widely known as the “Father of Scarless Labiaplasty” for his pioneering work with Aviva FemTite using Inmode’s Accutite RF energy applicator.

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Experience the Expertise

Dr. Henry Ramirez is a board-certified OB/GYN serving Ardmore, OK, and Southern Oklahoma, at Southern Oklahoma Women’s Health. Dr. Ramirez offers a high standard of care through clinical evaluation and screening. He leverages technology in order to provide testing and treatments that are more thorough. Through his advanced skills of minimally invasive robotic surgery, Dr. Ramirez performs procedures that produced superior outcomes and minimal down time. Unlike many traditional gynecologists, he has additional training that enables him to perform complex urogynecologic surgeries on the pelvic floor. These advanced procedures offer superior treatment of vaginal and uterine prolapse. In addition, Dr. Ramirez conducts hormone therapy on patients, which helps menopausal women and infertile couples. His advanced training in hormone replacement therapy that allows him to treat males suffering from the effects of low testosterone as well.


Dr. Ramirez completed residency at Texas Tech University Center for Health sciences, where he became an associate professor. During this time, he gained a valuable amount of information and training regarding minimally-invasive surgery. This understanding of robotic surgery eventually led him to develop the Robotic Surgery Department at Mercy Hospital Ardmore and train other physicians in this technology. This strongly academic focused residency training, allowed him the opportunity to gain an extensive amount of medical knowledge of obstetrics, gynecology, primary care medicine and the advanced gynecologic practices of urinary incontinence and vaginal prolapse.

Professional Achievements

Dr. Ramirez has numerous affiliations with various organizations, including the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the American Medical Association, the Minimally Invasive Surgery Association, and the American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology.


Dr. Ramirez gives his patients an experience unlike any other by taking the time to explain each diagnosis and treatment in detail. This guarantees his patients receive the highest level of care possible, whether they are coming to him for routine gynecologic care or require an advanced minimally-invasive surgical treatment. Dr.Henry Ramirez is one of a few physicians in Oklahoma certified in Hormone Replacement Therapy by WorldLink Medical. While Dr. Ramirez patients know him for being a respected and caring physician – his peers know him for being an innovator and inventor. He is widely known as the “Father of Scarless Labiaplasty” for his pioneering work to invent Aviva FemTite using Inmode’s Accutite RF energy applicator. Because of this work, he has traveled the country teaching other physicians how to perform this remarkable procedure. We’ve hosted hundreds of surgical teams from all over the world at our clinic in Ardmore, Oklahoma to watch Dr. Ramirez perform FemTite. Dr. Ramirez is a member of several prestigious organizations.”