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PRP Hair Growth

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What is PRP Hair Growth & How it Works?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) for hair loss is now the latest trend in hair growth and hair loss treatment. PRP therapy for hair loss in men and women is becoming more common and, when used correctly, is proving to be effective in correcting hair loss. Although PRP therapy has been around since the 1980s, doctors have only recently used it to treat certain types of alopecia. Many user experiences have shown good results, and the method is rapidly growing in popularity. A procedure that uses stem cells and growth factors from the patient’s own blood to trigger hair growth from dormant or miniaturized hair follicles.

PRP Hair Growth Results

PRP is not a permanent solution. Generally, one treatment per year is required to maintain results. Also, androgenetic alopecia is caused by the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and PRP, which does not mitigate the effects of this hormone. Additional hair loss products and blockers may need to be used for optimal long-term results. Despite some limitations, PRP injections have shown beneficial therapeutic effects on hair loss in men and women, without major side effects in women. It is good to increase the thickness and density of hair loss as a stand-alone treatment or after a hair transplant.

Treatment and Procedures Information

The Platelet-rich plasma is then injected back into the scalp by one of two methods:

Duration: 3-8 hours

Incision Location: scalp, where hair loss is present

Recovery Period: 3-4 weeks

Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia

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